The Science Behind Hypnosis

MRI of brain

According to scientific research and experimentation, nearly everyone can be hypnotised otherwise we couldn’t learn or advertising wouldn’t work. Even animals can be hypnotised. See here to watch a chicken being hypnotised.

A ground-breaking experiment that emerged in the New York Times which has further validated the success and effectiveness of hypnosis through the application of the “Stroop Effect”. In this test the subject reads aloud the colour of the words but not the text. Try it here:

The task is easy when the words are in a foreign language, but almost impossible in the subjects native language. However, with a post-hypnotic suggestion, subjects were able to do this test effortlessly. This experiment has proved that hypnosis can truly alter the perception and cognitive abilities of an individual, and the results have provided sound biological evidence using technical procedures such as fMRI brain scans and visual tests. The fMRI revealed that the subject perceived the words to be in a foreign language and the brain actually processed them as if they were.

So, what is hypnosis really?

According to psychologists and scientific evidence, hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. Consciousness can also be altered using meditation, hallucinogenic drugs and psychosis. However, because there is no concrete interpretation of consciousness, it is not very well understood.

However, most psychologists have agreed to term hypnosis as “suggestibility”. This suggestible state is demonstrated in advertisements, religious cults, and the placebo effect.

So, we can say that while hypnosis is not a magical force, it is just the strategic manipulation of attention and linguistics which leads to the alteration of cognitive perceptions, beliefs, behaviours and actions.

Hypnosis can be understood by dividing it into three essential steps:
  • The course of concentration
  • Unconventional language of communication
  • Assessment and testing

The course of concentration serves to determine what the individual is to perceive. While unconventional language serves to distract consciousness and understanding. Assessments include task that demonstrate that the subject has been hypnotised and now lacks control and direction. For instance, the hypnotist can make you believe that you won millions of dollars in the lotto and you can see them react accordingly.

Even though the general belief is that it is hard to make humans act against their will, hypnosis has the ability to make subjects not see objects, perceive different colours, become unaware of pain and forget words.

Even with all the above evidence people will still be sceptical about hypnosis. I hear it all the time before my shows. Then after they have seen my show their opinion is changed because either they got hypnotised or they saw their friend on stage. But as my mentor Justin Tranz says “For those of you that believe no explanation is really necessary. But for those of you who do not believe there is no explanation that I could give you, that would ever be good enough.”

Hypnosis Replaces Anaesthetic

Surgery with Doctors and Nurses
Many operations have been successfully carried out recently where hypnosis has replaced general anaesthetic. In 2013, a hypnotist by the name of Alex Lenkei put himself into a trance while a surgeon sawed through his ankle. He mentions his pain control techniques are better than any anaesthetic, and he recovers quicker from operations because his body doesn’t have to deal with the drugs.

In fact, back in the 1830s an English surgeon by the name of John Elliotson performed nearly 2000 surgeries using hypnosis to manage pain.

More and more people in the Europe and the UK are opting to using hypnosis instead of general anaesthetic. Which also benefits the hospital, as it costs less money to treat the patient as no sedatives are required.

Derren Brown has done a number of demonstrations on his TV specials showing the power of hypnosis for pain control.

In the first video he hypnotises a guy to make his hand go numb. Then proceeds to stick a needle through the skin on the back of his hand to show that he can’t feel anything.

In the second video he hypnotises a guy into feeling no pain while he submerges his body into an ice bath that drops to a temperature of 1.4C.

Ashley Madison Hack

Cheating boyfriend checking out another girl

Back in August 2015 the Ashley Madison website was hacked and the details of it's users were released online.

So I did a bit of statistical analysis on each city and worked out the percentage of users per population.

And I've uncovered a disturbing trend for some major Australian cities. (see table below)

Las Vegas
San Antonio
San Diego
Sao Paulo
New York
Rio de Janeiro
Los Angeles

Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne take out 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively. Significantly higher than some of the major cities around the world (except Calgary) and even more than Sin City (Las Vegas) itself.

So now the question begs why are there so many Australian men prepared to have affairs with married women? ( has reported almost none of the "women" on the site were real)

It could be:

He doesn't feel appreciated in his current relationship?

He is immature and thinks he can get away with it?

He is insecure and the affair makes him feel good?

He has past trauma issues such as physical abuse, neglect or sexual abuse?

I guess there could be many, many reasons for men cheating, but the point of this blog is not to point fingers or place blame.

It's merely to present my findings, all relationships are complex changing environments which both parties are responsible for maintaining to a healthy level.

And in my humble opinion the best way to maintain a healthy relationship is to work on yourself first so you are not bringing fears or past traumas into the relationship.

Hypnotherapy can be a great way to clear these fears and past traumas.

Contact Dion now to help your relationship problems.

Busking - Guinness World Record

Guinness Certificate

Hello Lovers. Valentine's Day is almost upon us. So traditionally this the day we express our love to our partners. Some people say the day has become too commercial. While others mention you should be expressing love to your partner every day.

Regardless of your opinion I think we can all agree love is important in everyone's life.

Well last year I expressed my love to the people of Brisbane by doing a bit of busking and hypnotising some people.

My team shown below were there to capture some video and interview me about hypnosis. (I will release some new video soon)

And as part of the day I helped break a Guinness World Record by participating in the world's largest simultaneous busk.

Let me tell you it was very noisy and challenging for a hypnotist, but it was a lot of fun.

Check out the video of the event here:

I also hypnotised Aphrodite from Love TV: See me at 2:56

Busk day

Dancers Get Hypnotised

jumping dancers
The Parisian electro-pop artist Yanis decided to take a unique approach to filming the music video for his hit debut single “Hypnotized”. Instead of the usual rowdy club scenes and random make out sessions often featured in today's music videos, he chose to feature dancers who are under hypnosis. He has been quoted as saying that he made the decision to use hypnotised dancers in his video because when hypnotised “You don't really have complete control.” Yanis believed the idea to be so groundbreaking that he decided to undergo hypnosis for the filming of the video as well. Since its release in April 2015, Yanis' exclusive video for “Hypnotized” has gone viral; as many people are intrigued by the revolutionary idea of hypnosis dancing.

The video itself features Yanis along with a number of voluntary dancers, both men and women, who are hypnotised by a professional hypnotist by the name of Julian Hypnotiseur. The video was directed by Ludovic Zuili. One of the participants is Charlotte Le Bon who previously starred in the Yves Saint Laurent biopic back in 2014. And another was French actor Ruben Alves. Once the music begins to play in the room, you see the bodies of the dancers start to loosen up and start to move to the beat all while their eyes are completely closed. Since individuals seemingly lose sight of all of their inhibitions while under hypnosis, the movements of the dancers are considered authentic and genuine reactions to the beat of the music. Some dancers display tight and controlled dance moves and others appear to get a little more wild and carefree with their dancing, which shows that everyone interprets music differently. This is exactly the result that Yanis was hoping for before filming as he describes the dancing under hypnosis to be somewhere between a celestial dream and reality.

Yanis - Hypnotised Music Video:

Other great hypnosis themed Music Videos:

Damien Rice - Hypnosis:

N.E.R.D. - Hypnotise U:

The Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize:

Forget Motivation

Man doing Tai Chi

When it comes to achieving your goals, most people will likely tell you that motivation is the key. But unfortunately motivation is short lived. That's why it's more important to use discipline in your life. Motivation is defined as "having a strong reason to act or accomplish something". Whereas discipline is defined as an "activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill". Muhammad Ali was quoted as saying "I hated every minute of training, but I said, Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion". So even one of the greatest athletes of all time was never really motivated to train but it was his discipline to train that made him successful.
So if you use discipline to exercise or accomplish your goals your motivation to do them is irrelevant; you just get in and do it, no excuses. But how do you cultivate discipline? One method that can help is hypnotherapy. You can see a hypnotherapist such as myself to help you develop your self discipline or even listen to hypnosis MP3s from regularly. It is my belief that it does take time to build discipline. But if you are willing to work on it you will always have the energy and commitment to succeed in life.

Other ways to cultivate discipline is to do something physically hard like Qigong, Martial Arts or Bikram Yoga. I can say on a personal level that my martial arts training has definitely given me discipline which I have applied to all areas of my life. And I would not be the man I am today without it.

However, discipline is nothing without a clear path in your mind about what you want. No amount of discipline will help you find a goal, but simply help you achieve it. Once you realise what you want to do, the consistency you receive from your discipline will allow everything to fall into place. We all have one thing that we wish we could accomplish. Do not let anything, or anyone, stand in the way of what you want to get out of life and take control of your decision making today.

Hypnotherapy for Sports


An article on named Hypnosis: Does It Really Work discussed about the success that people achieved in different fields through hypnotherapy. The article suggests that hypnotism helps to create a mental shift that affects body functions. A lot of people know that they have the potential to achieve more in their life but struggle to get there, this is where hypnotherapy comes in. It gives your mind the power to make your body perform up to its maximum level. The article also discusses that Hypnotherapy has had some success in sports as well. There has been a lot of research on the use of hypnotherapy in different sports. In every sport there have been occasions where seasoned athletes experience a drop in their performance and then over time start performing well again. The question one should ask is why did they start performing poorly when they have loads of experience. The answer is simple, because of their mindset. When they correct their mindset they get back to their peak performance or better. Hypnotherapy can work for athletes from all sports because it allows them to remove their limiting beliefs. Even at the international level, sports trainers use hypnotherapy to relieve the athlete’s stresses of competing at this peak level.

Hypnotherapy can help players become more confident. It can help them concentrate more on their game. An athlete with good technique might succeed but an athlete with a combination of good technique and a good mindset will definitely succeed. There are certain athletes in every sport who stay calm under pressure when a lot of the other athletes make mistakes. This all comes down to having the right mindset and positive self talk. Hypnotherapy can help an athlete remain calm under pressure. The toughest opponent an athlete will face is themselves, hypnotherapy helps change their internal belief system. Once the athlete’s limiting beliefs have been removed they will experience a positive change in their performance. This was proved in 1952 by Roger Bannister. He was the first man to run the mile in under 4 minutes, which had been deemed unbreakable as the world record stood for 9 years. But within a year, 30 other runners had achieved a similar time.

I’ve successfully worked with a lot of martial artists to help them increase their performance in the cage/dojo. Many have requested to be able to better control nerves before a fight or remain relaxed during a fight so they can react quicker. It is my belief that the next level of increased performance in the mixed martial arts arena will be from mental training. Because as the saying goes “it is the mind that moves the body.”

Celebrity Weight Loss

fit gym girl

Like a lot of people, you may have experimented with different ways to lose weight and keep fit through exercise and dieting. You might not realise though, that not all exercise and dieting is going to help you reach your goals. It’s also important to train your mind to keep you focused and remove your previous bad habits.

A lot of celebrities have reportedly lost weight with the help of Hypnotherapy. In 2013 Nigella Lawson lost 13kgs with the help of a UK Hypnotist. In 2015 Olivia Munn received help from a US Hypnotist to start exercising regularly. Munn and Lawson are not the only celebrities who have had success with hypnosis for weight loss; others include - pop star Lily Allen, former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.

One recent research study followed a group of participants who wanted to start a workout program. They received a short educations program to assist them in deciding on the best exercises for themselves. Then they were assigned to a therapist and were finally given a series of hypnotherapy for weight loss sessions. The results of the study showed that 85% of people stayed with a regular workout program the entire six months of the project. Even more impressive was the fact that they lost on average, 7 more kilograms than the participants who did not receive hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is a safe and effective way to increase and maintain your discipline to exercise and eat healthy. Training your mind with hypnotherapy offers a route to success which previously seemed impossible. Hypnotherapy will allow your mind to modify its previous behaviour and develop new, more beneficial habits. If you are “allergic” to exercising and eating healthy, hypnotherapy for weight loss can be a fantastic way for you to develop the will to increase and maintain your health and overall fitness goals.

Hypnotherapy for Childbirth

Pregnant lady giving birth

These days there are many ways modern expectant women are planning to manage the pain of birthing their babies and this occasionally includes one method you've probably never really thought of.

Hypnotherapy is becoming more and more popular because many mums, feel that it helps them relax and prepare for the process of childbirth. Going into hypnosis allows the mind to get into a tranquil state before childbirth. Hypnotherapy for childbirth puts the mum to be in a relaxed mental state that helps keep her calm while focusing on positive feelings rather than outside distractions and the physical pain her body may be experiencing.

Expecting parents can go through a childbirth hypnosis program, where they learn new positive and reinforcing words to use during the process in order to break the association of birth with pain and discomfort. Since the brain controls our bodies, repeating these affirming mantras during labor can help put the mind in a calm trance like state which in turns minimises the feeling of pain and the stress on the baby.

Are you an expectant mum looking for a way to manage the pain of childbirth in a safe and effective way? Every woman is different and it all really depends on your body and what you're most comfortable with. The best way to learn more and find out if childbirth hypnosis is for you; is to consult with a professional hypnotist in your area.

Dreams and Imagination

Dizzy Comedy Hypnotist

Why do we dream? Dreams allow our mind to resolve open thought loops from our day. Usually we dream in metaphors, which generally don’t make logical sense because they are a representation of our feelings. Many people look to their dreams for hints, clues and messages about their past, current, or future life. Dreams are directly related to an individuals imagination and it can be said that those with the wildest dreams have the wildest imaginations. There are many reasons this could be but it's important to remember that dreaming and imagining are a great way to relieve stress, improve memory retention, provide inspiration for creative work and even to provide insight into your life.

Dreaming and diving into your imagination doesn't always have to be serious but it can be an enjoyable and fun experience. Unfortunately many people have trouble recalling their dreams. Thankfully through comedy hypnosis you can see other people’s imagination at play on stage. The benefits of hypnosis are countless and thanks to comedy hypnotists like Dizzy in Brisbane, it's possible to learn more about yourself than ever before while having an incredible time. If you're looking to be entertained while discovering what's possible when it comes to your mind then a comedy hypnosis show is just what you need.

By enabling people to realise that truly anything is possible, hypnotists like Dizzy are at the forefront of exploring your imagination. Whether you're looking to be completely entertained and have a good time or you simply want to learn more about yourself and what your mind is capable of then you need to check out
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