Hypnotherapy for Sports


An article on dailymail.co.uk named Hypnosis: Does It Really Work discussed about the success that people achieved in different fields through hypnotherapy. The article suggests that hypnotism helps to create a mental shift that affects body functions. A lot of people know that they have the potential to achieve more in their life but struggle to get there, this is where hypnotherapy comes in. It gives your mind the power to make your body perform up to its maximum level. The article also discusses that Hypnotherapy has had some success in sports as well. There has been a lot of research on the use of hypnotherapy in different sports. In every sport there have been occasions where seasoned athletes experience a drop in their performance and then over time start performing well again. The question one should ask is why did they start performing poorly when they have loads of experience. The answer is simple, because of their mindset. When they correct their mindset they get back to their peak performance or better. Hypnotherapy can work for athletes from all sports because it allows them to remove their limiting beliefs. Even at the international level, sports trainers use hypnotherapy to relieve the athlete’s stresses of competing at this peak level.

Hypnotherapy can help players become more confident. It can help them concentrate more on their game. An athlete with good technique might succeed but an athlete with a combination of good technique and a good mindset will definitely succeed. There are certain athletes in every sport who stay calm under pressure when a lot of the other athletes make mistakes. This all comes down to having the right mindset and positive self talk. Hypnotherapy can help an athlete remain calm under pressure. The toughest opponent an athlete will face is themselves, hypnotherapy helps change their internal belief system. Once the athlete’s limiting beliefs have been removed they will experience a positive change in their performance. This was proved in 1952 by Roger Bannister. He was the first man to run the mile in under 4 minutes, which had been deemed unbreakable as the world record stood for 9 years. But within a year, 30 other runners had achieved a similar time.

I’ve successfully worked with a lot of martial artists to help them increase their performance in the cage/dojo. Many have requested to be able to better control nerves before a fight or remain relaxed during a fight so they can react quicker. It is my belief that the next level of increased performance in the mixed martial arts arena will be from mental training. Because as the saying goes “it is the mind that moves the body.”