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Dizzy Brisbane Fringe Festival

BFF show / event

Dizzy's Comedy Hypnosis Show (AUG 30th @ Upstairs 199, 199 Boundary St West End)

How many years have you been practicing your art form?

5 years

What prompted you to begin?

I used to be a Magician. And found out about hypnosis through my magician friends. I was completely fascinated by it. I used to mix magic and hypnosis together in my shows. But now my shows are 100% hypnosis.

Write a little about what you do. What's unique about it?

I guess hypnosis in it's self is pretty unique. How many Hypnotists have you met in real life? But in saying that, I think the difference between me and other comedy hypnotists is that I don't want to humiliate people on the stage. I want people coming away with a positive experience if they volunteer.

What can people expect from your BFF show or event?

It's really two shows in one. If you volunteer I will take you through a whole range of positive emotions. And I might even introduce you to your favourite movie star. If you want to kick back and watch, I promise you will be completely amazed and laughing in hysterics.

What is your opinion of the arts scene in Brisbane?

There is so many talented artists in Brisbane. Every time I see a new show. I get inspired to become a better artist.

If you could work with any artist, who would it be and why?

Prince. I just love his music it just oozes sexiness.

Name 3 things you'd need to be happy on deserted island.

Guitar, Alcohol and a Fishing Rod

When I'm 80, I don't want to regret...not having left a legacy in my art form.

I plan to pass on my knowledge to the next generation. So they can be better than I am.

Name a local Brisbane artist you admire?

Pete Booth

Did anything hilarious or terrible happen during the show development?

At my last corporate show for an Aussie Rules football club. I hypnotised the volunteers to believe they won the Brownlow medal. One guy phoned his mum and said "Mum guess what, I just won the Brownlow." LOL

Tell us something about yourself or your work process that that would come as a surprise to those that know you.

I do some self hypnosis before every show to remove any doubts about the success of the show.