Check out some photos from Dizzy's show.
Volunteers lifting up Dizzy Hypnotist
Volunteers can
Canegrowers crowd do magnetic fingers
Canegrowers guest with her eyes locked
Canegrowers guest hypnotised by Dizzy Hypnotist
Canegrowers volunteers hypnotised by Dizzy Hypnotist
Volunteers hypnotised by Dizzy Hypnotist
Hypnotised volunteers pretending to use a typewriter
Hypnotised volunteer racing a horse
Dizzy Hypnotist Imagine
Dizzy Hypnotist Showtime
Dizzy Hypnotist and DJ Dario
Spring HIll Hotel Hypnosis Show
Hypnosis Eye Lock
Hypnosis volunteers giving the finger
Bundaberg Hypnosis Show
Hypnosis volunteers
Hypnosis female volunteer acting like a model
Hypnosis female volunteer posing like a model
Hypnosis male volunteer posing like a model
Hypnosis volunteers posing like bodybuilders
Dizzy Hypnotist on stage
Hypnosis male volunteers have a wedgie in their butt
Hypnosis volunteer wins 1 million dollars
Hypnosis volunteers take a bow
Hypnosis show audience
Hypnotised people on the floor
New Globe Theatre Hypnosis Show
Hypnosis volunteers posing like bodybuilders
Hypnosis volunteers laughing