Hypnosis Replaces Anaesthetic

Surgery with Doctors and Nurses
Many operations have been successfully carried out recently where hypnosis has replaced general anaesthetic. In 2013, a hypnotist by the name of Alex Lenkei put himself into a trance while a surgeon sawed through his ankle. He mentions his pain control techniques are better than any anaesthetic, and he recovers quicker from operations because his body doesn’t have to deal with the drugs.

In fact, back in the 1830s an English surgeon by the name of John Elliotson performed nearly 2000 surgeries using hypnosis to manage pain.

More and more people in the Europe and the UK are opting to using hypnosis instead of general anaesthetic. Which also benefits the hospital, as it costs less money to treat the patient as no sedatives are required.

Derren Brown has done a number of demonstrations on his TV specials showing the power of hypnosis for pain control.

In the first video he hypnotises a guy to make his hand go numb. Then proceeds to stick a needle through the skin on the back of his hand to show that he can’t feel anything.


In the second video he hypnotises a guy into feeling no pain while he submerges his body into an ice bath that drops to a temperature of 1.4C.