Celebrity Weight Loss

fit gym girl

Like a lot of people, you may have experimented with different ways to lose weight and keep fit through exercise and dieting. You might not realise though, that not all exercise and dieting is going to help you reach your goals. It’s also important to train your mind to keep you focused and remove your previous bad habits.

A lot of celebrities have reportedly lost weight with the help of Hypnotherapy. In 2013 Nigella Lawson lost 13kgs with the help of a UK Hypnotist. In 2015 Olivia Munn received help from a US Hypnotist to start exercising regularly. Munn and Lawson are not the only celebrities who have had success with hypnosis for weight loss; others include - pop star Lily Allen, former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.

One recent research study followed a group of participants who wanted to start a workout program. They received a short educations program to assist them in deciding on the best exercises for themselves. Then they were assigned to a therapist and were finally given a series of hypnotherapy for weight loss sessions. The results of the study showed that 85% of people stayed with a regular workout program the entire six months of the project. Even more impressive was the fact that they lost on average, 7 more kilograms than the participants who did not receive hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is a safe and effective way to increase and maintain your discipline to exercise and eat healthy. Training your mind with hypnotherapy offers a route to success which previously seemed impossible. Hypnotherapy will allow your mind to modify its previous behaviour and develop new, more beneficial habits. If you are “allergic” to exercising and eating healthy, hypnotherapy for weight loss can be a fantastic way for you to develop the will to increase and maintain your health and overall fitness goals.