Dreams and Imagination

Dizzy Comedy Hypnotist

Why do we dream? Dreams allow our mind to resolve open thought loops from our day. Usually we dream in metaphors, which generally don’t make logical sense because they are a representation of our feelings. Many people look to their dreams for hints, clues and messages about their past, current, or future life. Dreams are directly related to an individuals imagination and it can be said that those with the wildest dreams have the wildest imaginations. There are many reasons this could be but it's important to remember that dreaming and imagining are a great way to relieve stress, improve memory retention, provide inspiration for creative work and even to provide insight into your life.

Dreaming and diving into your imagination doesn't always have to be serious but it can be an enjoyable and fun experience. Unfortunately many people have trouble recalling their dreams. Thankfully through comedy hypnosis you can see other people’s imagination at play on stage. The benefits of hypnosis are countless and thanks to comedy hypnotists like Dizzy in Brisbane, it's possible to learn more about yourself than ever before while having an incredible time. If you're looking to be entertained while discovering what's possible when it comes to your mind then a comedy hypnosis show is just what you need.

By enabling people to realise that truly anything is possible, hypnotists like Dizzy are at the forefront of exploring your imagination. Whether you're looking to be completely entertained and have a good time or you simply want to learn more about yourself and what your mind is capable of then you need to check out
Dizzy's Comedy Hypnosis Show.