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Looking for a theme for your next party?

Dizzy Strikes Back is a Star Wars Parody show that takes volunteers on a journey to new planets and adventures.

It is an entertainment odyssey to the edge of your imagination and beyond…far beyond.

Imagine what it would feel like to believe that are Luke Skywalker battling Darth Vader in the epic Lightsaber battle at Cloud City.

Well, Dizzy gives you this chance in his exciting new show.

Dizzy is calling all Jedis, Siths, Stormtroopers, Wookiees, Bounty Hunters, Rebels, Ewoks and Droids to join him to celebrate everything cool about Star Wars.

The force is calling to you…Just let it in.

Contact Dizzy now to find out more.

This is a parody production Star Wars
and its characters are registered trademarks of Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd or Lucasfilm Ltd. This show is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Disney, Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd, Lucasfilm Ltd or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies and/or third party licensors.