Comedy Hypnosis Show Overview

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There are some things in this world that will always intrigue us. We will always want to know more about them, and gaze at them with wonder time and time again . . . because we simply do not understand them. Our human nature is to try to understand and explain everything that we see, but there are some things that just cannot be explained: and one of the best things that we can experience in this world that will shock us, make us laugh, and leave us with a smile on our faces is a comedy hypnosis show.

Comedy hypnosis shows have come a very long way since the Victorian era, and my shows are definitely no exception. As a comedy hypnotist, it is my job to entertain you whilst demonstrating how amazing our minds really are. Who knew that words can lead them? Who could believe that someone could be encouraged to do such wild and ridiculous things? But you will see that and more at my comedy hypnosis show – more than you could ever have dreamed of.

There will be some, of course, that argue that everything that occurs at one of my comedy hypnosis shows is a trick; and in a way, they are right. But I will not be tricking your eyes into seeing what is not there; instead, I shall be tricking people’s minds to make them believe absolutely anything is possible. If you believe that most of the people in my shows are plants, then why not come along for yourself and see with your very own eyes what wonders I and my wonderful audience can perform.

No comedy hypnotist is the same, and I am certainly one of a kind. Why don’t you come along to one of my
comedy hypnosis shows, and see what you make of me?